Piers’ unique recorder collection numbers around 50 instruments, both historical copies and modern designs. He departs from today’s obsession with matching instruments to exact historical periods and locations, rather taking an eclectic, ‘anything that works’ approach, in respect of the fact that 21st century performance situations are radically different from those of the past.

In his quest for instruments to reflect his larger-than–life musical personality he has worked alongside several European makers to produce recorders with greatly extended range and projection. Central to his collection are a range of recorders in unusual keys and tone colours by the reclusive English maker, Michael Dawson, modernised alto recorders (including the electro-acoustic Elody recorder) by Tarasov/Mollenhauer, and in particular, a pair of ground-breaking Eagle Recorders (soprano/alto)– the amazing new design by Adriana Breukink and Geri Bollinger. With this latter model in particular Piers has been able to take the recorder soaring into uncharted skies.